Tutu, 12Delta,KillerGerbil,Maes2ro

Gerbil's Subaru


Last week, Me and PinkGirlGoWild trip to Singapore for watching Good Vibration and meet some friend. we have good holiday and walking with Killer Gerbil, Phuek!,sue,Maes2ro,and 12Delta from Artvst .At FarEast we meet Momorobo, the singaporean dynamic duo that doin Tiger Beer vector art limited edition cans. Well,I'ts rain but we still happy.Meet Locase at the skatepark,he's a nice man..Visit the new surrender store, skate park, the new stussy store, Good vibration at FortCanningPark, FarEast, put the stickies on the street...
we have a good but limited time....cause another job waiting at J-town,huh..

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