Dedicated to all my best mate @ theSRK London. Shaz,Ryo, and Iloobia. More from Asia, hope y'all like it

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Triton, from Devon UK has visit Jtown and paint together with Tutu/ Darbotz/ Wormo/ Fine/ and Broke. Lovely

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Forget to upload this old wall,
thanks Darbotz for the fliks

click image for better view

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Red wall again.again? yea, this time it's time to meet old friend's Yellowdino and Mondayz. It's rain again but what the hell. All the character look at left side.What's on the left dude? nothing, just right handed behaviour side effect. Nothing else. Choco7 / Nsane5 / Darbotz / Yellowdino / Mondayz / Tutu

Shaz /Suridh Hassan and Ryo Sanada are director and producer of SRK (Studio Rarekwai) from West London.They published many dope documentary around the world including Rackgaki book. They travel around Asia for Asian graff material and I can't wait for the next release.It is very nice to meet you two.Indeed

check them at www.thesrk.com

The stickies

One of my fav graff book

for shure bro,this book is recommended, remember?

still amaze

oh yea, this is real dope

crowded house

Go on boyz, hit the wall!!!

Shaz a.k.a Suridh Hassan, may i have more sambel& lele, mate?

Ryo Sanada,This pecel is really sweet mate!!!!

Just like army trainning camp

wrong color, wrong weather

Shaz and bujanganurban

viva da familia

Shaz shoot'n

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Many thanks to Netic and Darbotz for the image

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Red Wall session with most of all Tembok bombers. It's rain anyway. After that, we're going to chinatown and have a magnificent dinner and check some "ghetto" area. These blokes try anything that other bule didn't. From sambel terasi, pecel lele, many gorengan with cabe rawit, Djie Sam Soe until abon cobra. So lovely to meet you lad's. sweet!....someday i'll go LDN. Deep promise.
(I already miss them)

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Follow your plastic Trexy event @ The other culture Toy shop, Plaza FX Jakarta

Tutu x Trexy, not bad at all, many thanks to Marin, and Helmi

Ello, my name is Jowe....JoweHellmon. Many thanks to Marin for the toy

Just remember Janis Joplin's song about Mercedes Bens and colour TV, but with a new perspective

Tutu, Darbotz, NameTwo, Pinkgirlgowild, and Icha did the commision job for Mercedes Benz by paint on E-Class series .We did it from the concept until production.
Many thanks to Ms.Aulia and Mr.Donny from Daimler and Anton Ismael for the opportunity

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