Painting with Abang8 again. We hit another spot and commit to finish it with limitation. We pick the cans randomly, so we actually don't know what color that goes up for the wall. As you can see, there are not so many white there, because we just brought one can and it's half empty.
This time we split letter. Abang take "MASE" and me write "CREW".
Have a chill time together and we shared lots aspect of making a good graff production. That's what we did in our crew: Making Chemistry


Drop some piece with my partner in crime Abang8, put some freestyle on this. Good time indeed.
I write "MASE" and Abang take "CREW". Try to drop more aggresive style here.Enjoy!


 The French are back! with KOSMOPOLITE ART TOUR, KONGO, LAZOO, BESOK,  are came to share more positive energy to Jakarta street scene. Workshop for public, Introducing street culture to some university, Exhibition, wall jammin, are in the schedulle list.

 This activities are parts of KOSMOPOLITE art tour which is includes many graff artist around the globe. From Paris to Brazil, to South Africa, to Jakarta, Hongkong and many other country. Check KOSMOPOLITE web to diggi'n more.

 And then At December 4th, Indonesian and European street artists united to bomb one wall in Jakarta area. Lazoo, Kongo, Besok, Kims, Darbotz, Nsane5, Hest1, Older, Netic, Shake, Koma, Tutu and Wormo joined the force and beat the unbearable sunny day for the love of graffiti. Check out the before and after photos!




4 days after, when I passed by the exact same wall, the wall was still there but the historical graffiti is wiped out clean. I found out later that it was used for a brand’s promotional purpose. Next time you want to bomb a wall, better check the story behind the original wall first. You wouldn’t crush a diamond and coat it with gold; why would you destroy a work of art? Street artist’s artworks are displayed on the streets and for the streets. Respect the art, the culture and the people.

Something to learn for y'all gold digger outhere. We GROW UP and LIVE at the street, and there are unwritten rule you must research first. So, should we light up our Fire Extingusher?

Photo credits : KOSMOPOLITE / Tutu / Abang8  Video Credits : Ashtwo


Project by MixMax (Beverages) and Tembokbomber.com.
Artists involved (from left to right):

Wormo, Koma (Indo), the Yellow Dino, Darbotz and Tutu

  MIXMAX x Tembok bomber limited edition Launching Party by Eric Noah (DIG)


Dedicate to all J-Town monster.