Jammin at Abang's farewell wall. With Darbotz, Wormo, Older, Abang8, Netic9, Nsane5, and Name Two.
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MASE from Left to Right:
Name Two, Abang8, Tuts, Netic9, Cabi One, Nsane5 , Mumu
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Painting with HEST ONE (NME) at some abandon school yard. We decide to drop simple silver style to the concrete, because the Jakarta weather is unpredictable. It's really fun painting with this guy. I really enjoy it. I even didn't clean up any rock, glass, and plant that appear on my concrete at all.
Nice one, mate!


ABANG by Tuts
 TUTU by Abang8
The Battle Field

Drop the exchange letter again with Abang8. Like the result very much. I think it's become like a serious competition between us. And we completely love it.


Rocking Silver piece with my buddy, Abang8 at some abandon place...and met some thug's who's selling stolen car downstair
All bw Flicks taken by Mumu


More connection in 2012!


Painting in massive rain with my boyz Nsane5 and some friend's from Japan. Happy New Years!


My Friend Redy (BNS) from INVASIAN Mags send me an email about project for new year.
These project will include some artist around Asia and the message is to bring more good news in next upcoming year
So, This is my "A" for INVASIAN Asian writter bridging new year project.
The complete participants are:
H - Hobsek (Hong Kong)
A - Ray (China)
P - FlipeOne (Philippines)
P - Phate (Taiwan)
Y - Yumoh (Hong Kong)
N - Numi (Korea)
E - Abang8 (Indonesia)
W - Gas (China)
S - Mimer (Singapore)
Y - Chek (Taiwan)
E - Meow (Philippines)
A - TUTU (Indonesia)
R - Nuke (Malaysia)
2 - Bone (China)
0 - Shiro (Japan)
1 - Andy & Redy (China / Hong Kong)
2 - Damis (Malaysia)


 Back from Taiwan. We met lot of nice people there, Learning a lot of things, awesome trip, basicly. My energy pump's up and suddently i wanna make some piece when i reach my hometown. But when i check my garage, there is only few cans left. So, again, dealing with limitation in the middle of the night.Sigh!

And this for my best partner in crime ever. And Shout out to best people that we met.


A short trip with Abang8 to Taipei, Taiwan. We were compete with other Asia country at WALL LORDS Final Battle 2011. This time, fun and preassure are balance at the same level. We've got 5th position and pretty happy about it. But the important thing is, we've got a lot of new friends that have a same interest and vision.
Many thanks to: Xeme, Sinic, Jimmy, Bobo, Colasa, Citymarx family, Bobby, Jonathan, King Royal, Bare, Zato, Dezio, Berst, Feks, Haser, Foner, Semi, Xeva, Dabs, Nuno, Our sponsor WADEZIG, All Wall Lords participants and people we met.

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