My Friend Redy (BNS) from INVASIAN Mags send me an email about project for new year.
These project will include some artist around Asia and the message is to bring more good news in next upcoming year
So, This is my "A" for INVASIAN Asian writter bridging new year project.
The complete participants are:
H - Hobsek (Hong Kong)
A - Ray (China)
P - FlipeOne (Philippines)
P - Phate (Taiwan)
Y - Yumoh (Hong Kong)
N - Numi (Korea)
E - Abang8 (Indonesia)
W - Gas (China)
S - Mimer (Singapore)
Y - Chek (Taiwan)
E - Meow (Philippines)
A - TUTU (Indonesia)
R - Nuke (Malaysia)
2 - Bone (China)
0 - Shiro (Japan)
1 - Andy & Redy (China / Hong Kong)
2 - Damis (Malaysia)

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