I just realise that i've found some kinky atmosphere when track back my graff library. One of my hero,Sofles and his mate Gobles ,did some awesome piece with mie goreng concept. wha?..And It spell Indo "MIE GORENG "for sure.I don't know what year they come up with the idea.But it's totally slap me at the face.Funny and brilliant at the same time.From now i realise that aerosol dust mix with msg equal maestro..(wha?)

more Sofles at Ironlak and his web



hard to handle metallic colorz.And for yellow,it's my own special mix "shit water" color fresh from the toilet.well covered.

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Dope shit by ARTCORE's boyz Singapura boleeeehhhh!!!!


Nice video from KreisOne. Simple and slapi'n! OY! TOY!!! you better learn from this!


The TU Twins!
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Long time waiting JTown Slam City graffiti production by Tutu,Nsane5,Netic9,Name two,and Zany 13
more on Flickr , watch on vimeo here

+WE'RE ALL KING'S Wall Lords shout out wall

This wall is dedicated for all Wall Lords participant’s. Shake and I got an idea at the plane in the way to Hong Kong. We will paint a farewell wall and ask Nsane5 to join for this production.
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+WALLLORDS final 2010, Shanghai day3

some of these flix belongs to ARTCORE, Mime,PSP,ClogTwo, MAD VICTOR and Wall Lords official Filckr

+WALLLORDS final 2010, Shanghai day3

And then...the final competition. It's mixed between pressure and limitation. Since Indo scene build by compromising, I found that I like the competitive situasion a lot! Everybody try to show their best while time is keep running.
But sadly, finally we loose.hahaha..1st goes to Korea's MAD VICTOR (big up for Xeva and Semi), 2nd goes to Thai's PMT, and 3nd Taiwan's DTP.But at lease i've got LOT OF good and awesome experience.Maybe we’all can learn from this. It’s NOT ONLY about how big or how great is your graff. It’s more into how deep your graff knowledge, and doin it in the right ways. And then the other thing will follow.WE'RE ALL KINGS!!!!
some of these flix belongs to ARTCORE, Mime,PSP,ClogTwo, MAD VICTOR and Wall Lords official Filckr
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+WALLLORDS final 2010, Shanghai day2

day two, we go to China World EXPO which is fuckin freak awesome! we're join the European stage and meet CanTwo,Jayflow,ArtimeJoe,and Shiro prep the wall for big stages. And guest what??? …we met Vans Omega!!
some of these flix are belongs to ARTCORE, MAD VICTOR
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+WALLLORDS final 2010,Shanghai day1 continues

We ‘ve got meeting with all official and jury make sure everybody was understand about the rules. 9 hour for production, 5 minutes for throw up (words: "WIZ"), 5 minutes for hand style tagging (words:"Show me your style"). There are only 30 cans MTN 94 for every country including 6 black and 6 white in a way drawn.At night we’re all go to Shelter and meet Revok,Jaba,Zebster and all Wall Lords participant.
some of this footage are belongs to ARTCORE singapore, Mime, ClogTwo, MAD VICTOR Korea, and official Wall Lords fickr
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+WALLLORDS final 2010, Shanghai day1

Me and Shake from FAB are goin to China to join WALL LORDS final 2010 in Shanghai, China. Since Wall Lords Indonesia is a graffjam event and not a competition, Invasian Magz as a official invite 2 Indo artist to join the final competition. Many thanks to Stan (XEME), Friendly (REDY), and Sinic.
Shanghai is big, nice,clean, and inspiring. It’s nice to see everybody workin hard and making positive energy right there.

+WALL LORDS final, Shanghai 2010 on Vimeo

or watch on Vimeo here