+WALLLORDS final 2010, Shanghai day3

And then...the final competition. It's mixed between pressure and limitation. Since Indo scene build by compromising, I found that I like the competitive situasion a lot! Everybody try to show their best while time is keep running.
But sadly, finally we loose.hahaha..1st goes to Korea's MAD VICTOR (big up for Xeva and Semi), 2nd goes to Thai's PMT, and 3nd Taiwan's DTP.But at lease i've got LOT OF good and awesome experience.Maybe we’all can learn from this. It’s NOT ONLY about how big or how great is your graff. It’s more into how deep your graff knowledge, and doin it in the right ways. And then the other thing will follow.WE'RE ALL KINGS!!!!
some of these flix belongs to ARTCORE, Mime,PSP,ClogTwo, MAD VICTOR and Wall Lords official Filckr
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